Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christ-mas, everyone!

Following is a poem that my Dad wrote for me when I was only 3 years old. He passed away 13 years ago, and I asked for his computer. When we converted the files we found a collection of Dad's poems. I remember Dad reading this particular poem to me several times over the years while I was growing up. Although I did not come to Christ until I was 19, the words of this poem sweetly shaped my view of Christmas as a child. I hope you will enjoy it as well. Praying you all have a bright and beautiful Christmas. Love, Vickie

by Robert Lee Murray (1967)

Centuries ago on our first Christmas day,
A star shown down brightly where Baby Jesus lay.
Shepherds and wisemen had come to pay
A visit to the miracle that had happened that day.

T'was a wonderful gift to the world He gave,
Through Jesus, He gave us the chance to be saved.
Jesus tried hard to give light to God's name,
Yet so many hearts remained evil the same.
He died on the cross to forgive us of sinning,
Seekers of truth could have a new beginning.

In the years as they passed, Christianity grew great,
And once in every year, Jesus' birth we celebrate.
Today we have Christmas, which we all do enjoy,
Especially when we’re blessed with a little girl or boy.

Yet - somehow in Christmas, our Christ is left out.
Not a purposeful thing, I'm sure without doubt.
Christmas means joy … yet "X" for his name?
"Xmas" instead of "Christmas" just isn't the same.

Now we have presents, turkey and always a tree,
Jolly old Saint Nick whom the kids all go see.
We all sing carols and wrap presents that night,
So Christmas for kiddies will always be bright.

There's nothing wrong with good old Saint Nick,
(How he makes that sleigh fly is a pretty good trick!)
When I was a kid, how I remember those years,
I always loved Santa and all his reindeers.
But I always knew the meaning of Christmas alright,
Mary, Jesus and Joseph were always in sight.

As I grew older, the Nativity scene
Reminded me of Christmas and what it really did mean.
Oh I'll still play "Santa" and tell the kids to "watch out,"
But I'll tell MY little girl what Christmas is about.
She knows Mary, Jesus and Joseph you see,
She doesn't completely understand, but then she's just three.

In another few years I'm sure she'll realize,
That instead of presents and jolly fat guys,
The Manger… with Jesus, Joseph and Mary,
Will bring joy to her heart that she always will carry.

You see, I love Christmas and presents myself,
But I don't believe in leaving Christ's name on the shelf;
This is the day, Christ-mas by name,
The day of our Jesus, the day that He came!

So after opening your presents, give thanks to the Lord,
A few precious moments we all can afford.
It was He that made possible the presents you hold,
So give Him your thanks, and let His story be told.

And thank Him for children who make our lives bright,
And always make sure that they see His light.
Someday we'll rely on them for the same,
So that our grandchildren will remember His name.

When someone says "Xmas" to you, as they call,
Tell them, "Merry Xmas" is wrong … Merry Christ-mas to all!"

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