Sunday, February 28, 2010



On Sunday, Hayden's basketball team went to the SVAA Tournament and took FIRST PLACE!!!  At the semi-final game they won 55 - 49.  And for the Championship Game -- a very exciting game! -- they won by 52 - 44!!   

Each player got a cool trophy for being the best team in the league!!!  This was Hayden's first time to play with this team.  They were called the Lions-- and they have had an amazing season -- I think they won 10 out of 12 games.  It was such a fun season!!  

Now we will start off-season Spring basketball -- the practices start next week and games will go through the end of May.  This spring team will be coached by Hayden's old coach from Lakewood Presbyterian, and 5 of the players are his friends from the JV team he used to play with at that school.  The other 3 players are NEW friends that he has met this year.  Coach Matt is a great coach and a great guy --Hayden is excited to play for him again and be with all his friends. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010


On Saturday, Matthew had his last basketball game of the season with Upward.  Upward Basketball is a Christian league that emphasizes friendly sportsmanship while teaching Bible verses to young students -- it is only for kids in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.  

His team this year was called the Razorbacks.  We had 8 cute little boys on our team -- just playing their hearts out --  we didn't do so well since we had 4 players on our team who were brand new to basketball, but they improved a lot by the time the season was over.  We did win ONE game, and that was a big day of celebration!!!!  

Matthew got lots of action this season, and mostly played Low Post, since he is so much taller than the other kids.  I wish you could see him play!!  I call him the Rebound King  -- he has some cool moves and is very fun to watch.  He was a great asset to his team this year!

I have a video that shows him in action.  I will try to post it here if I can figure out how to do it!  

Friday, February 26, 2010


On Friday, Matthew represented his school in the Dallas Regional "Math Olympics."  He had to win in 2 other competitions before he got here -- first at the school level-- then another test at the District level.  At this big Regional competition, there were over 30 different schools participating from Dallas/Ft. Worth and other surrounding areas -- probably 200 kids or more?  Here he is with the other 4th graders from other schools that he was competing against.   
Only 9 students from our school actually made it to this Regional level, so we were very proud of them!! They got to skip school for the day and spend the whole day at Prestonwood Baptist Church -- a church here in Dallas that is so huge it is sometimes affectionately called "Fort God"!!   He earned a blue Excellent Ribbon, and had a really fun day with the other FCA MATHLETES!! 


It is such a blessing that we can still compete in events like this, since we are still going to FCA part time.  On March 8th Matty will be representing FCA again -- in the Fine Arts competition.  He will be playing 2 piano solos -- both songs are from Charlie Brown movies.  I will try to take a video of his performance that day, and post it here next week!   


Thursday, February 25, 2010


On Thursday, Hayden got his braces off!  Finally after 2 years in braces, we get to see his Pearly Whites!  

I was proud of how careful he was to take care of his teeth during that time.  He was like a toothbrushing fanatic for 2 years-- he was so afraid of getting the "braces stains" that kids sometimes get, if they don't brush their teeth enough.  

And finally the big day came!!  I took some "before" and "after" photos so you could see.  I gave him some Crest Whitestrips to celebrate this momentous occasion, and make his pearly whites more pearly :)  What a fun day for him.    

Monday, February 1, 2010



The great Dallas Blizzard of 2010!!  WOW we have never seen so much snow in Dallas.  Snowflakes the size of half-dollars, floating down gently for an entire day. All around the neighborhood, the trees looked like white crocheted lace -- and the bushes and trees were like puffy marshmallows.  It was so beautiful and magical, the whole town stayed home to make snowmen and play in the snow.  



A few days later, as it started to melt, Matthew and I went out and played in it again.  We broke up the remaining ice chunks into smaller pieces, and played Ice Sports!  We batted some of the chunks with a baseball bat.  Hit some chunks like golfballs.  Threw some of them at a bucket as if we were playing basketball (not our best game).  And we peeled up the flat pieces off the grass and threw them like frisbees.  FUN!  We just wanted to celebrate every minute of this lovely snow God had sent to us!! 





Fun times!! Thank you Lord for snow!!