Thursday, May 28, 2009


Running on fumes by the end of the school year, but God gave me the strength to organize ONE LAST EVENT for the kids.  Since this is our last year at Lakewood, I invited Hayden's and Matthew's friends to attend a "Last Day of School, and Say Goodbye Party" at the Jupiter Lanes bowling alley.  It was fun but bittersweet.  We will really miss these kids.


Matthew and his sweet friends!

Matthew enjoyed helping Spencer's little sister set up the bowling "guide" -- very cool device-- helps her get it straight down the lane!

Me and my girls! Shawna and Angelia.

It was a fun party.  We are very SAD to be leaving LPS, but also looking forward to our new schools which are much closer to our house!!  Hayden will be going to Sachse High School, and Matthew will go to FCA, the little private school that our church operates. 


Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is an event I started last year, to honor our awesome teachers at Lakewood.  Last year was a Luau themed lunch, but this year it was a Fiesta!  All the great moms of Lakewood brought cool salads, hot dishes, and lovely desserts for the teachers, then we treated them to a wonderful luncheon right after school.

The teachers really enjoy just relaxing and visiting with one another.

At the end of the luncheon this year, we gave each teacher a Box of  "Love Notes!"   I encouraged all students to write thank-you notes and love notes to each of their teachers, coaches, principal etc., then I collected them after school for about a week before the teacher luncheon.  I bought 20 little boxes from Container store, then punched a slot in the top of each one so the students could drop their notes (and money) inside.  It was a great outpouring of love, and the teachers were so touched to know they are LOVED by the kids and parents of our school! 

My girls.
I really love these ladies -- Jenn, Marilu and Marti.  Jenn was an amazing help to me for this event, she jumped right in and helped organize all the food-- she is a Caterer so she knew just what to do!!   Marti was a great help too, she has a servant's heart and stayed until the very last dish was washed. 

But I couldn't have done ANY of these Helping Hands events this year without my dear friend Marilu Dillahunty, the darling lady on the right.  She is an awesome friend and we work so well together.  We had a busy and fun year doing various LPS events.  Together we ran the "Lakewood Bistro" snack bar at the basketball games, organized the Sports Banquet, and poured lots of prayer into many parts of Lakewood.  Also we made food every Thursday (and sometimes Friday!) for the kids at our "Sack Lunch" table after school --- this was how we raised funds for the Teacher Luncheon event, and really ALL of our other Helping Hands events.  The Sack Lunches put some money into our petty cash box and became our very lean operating budget.  Marilu was right there at my side through each and every event this year.  I love her and treasure her friendship so much --- I am going to miss her like crazy when we leave this school.