Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Card Photos

If you are checking this new blog site, that means you have probably just received our Christmas Card!

My apologies to everyone: we were soooo late in getting our Christmas cards out this year!! We were going to skip it this year. But then we had some portraits taken at our church (they are putting together an online directory so they organized a photographry session for each family). Our pictures got accidentally mailed to another family though, so we didn't receive them until yesterday, December 22nd. I am working on the cards now, will mail them soon after Christmas--- so we hope you enjoy the New Year's greeting!

Here are the pictures we had taken at our church. They came out pretty good, I love this one of Hayden and Matthew together. I wish Hayden would have smiled nice and big, so you could see those beautiful braces! Anyway, Hayden is 14 years old this year, and our little Matty is 8 already. It's just amazing how fast they are growing!! Hayden is already taller than me -- 6" even -- and SHAVING!!! -- aaaack!!! He's only in 8th grade, what is the deal -- maybe I need to stop sprinkling that Miracle-Gro on their cereal? Matthew is in 3rd grade this year, still sweet as can be and still loves to snuggle with his Mom. They are such great kids -- bright, sweet and healthy -- we are blessed and so thankful to God for our little family.

Here is another shot we had taken, with my husband Stephen and me. It came out okay, although I must tell you that in REAL LIFE I am 20 lbs thinner --- and he has 20% more hair :) Stephen is off work for 10 days, we are really looking forward to a lonnnng Christmas vacation together. He really needs a break, work is crazy since they layed off 30% of the company last month, and they adjusted the food chain so that now he has 6 nervous engineers reporting to him -- in addition to his regular design projects -- pretty stressful. We are all looking forward to this chance for Daddy to unwind and have a relaxing Christmas break at home. We just saw both our families in November, so this is the first Christmas we have spent actually in town, for at least 8 years?? Should be interesting.... relaxing for sure.

Well anyway -- Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for checking out our new family website! If I can figure out how to extrude these photos and videos from our new video camera, I will post them here!! I have 3 months of stuff on this camera -- Basketball games, Thanksgiving trips to Philadelphia and NY City, several Christmas programs and Piano recitals --- yet I am CLUELESS on how to squeeze it all out of that camera! Will make this a priority so I can post them here for our friends and family. Thanks again for visiting and hope you'll come back soon.

Love and Christmas Hugs --
Stephen, Vickie, Hayden and Matthew

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