Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hayden's band performs at Six Flags

Hayden is in a band now, with some friends from school.  He just started with them about a month ago, and yesterday was their first big performance -- at Six Flags amusement park in Dallas.  It was awesome!!

The band is called "To Coda" which is a musical term. I looked up the definition online and it said, "After a sense of momentum is created, a coda is required to look back on the main body, and allow listeners to "take it all in", and create a sense of balance."

There were 3500 people at Six Flags yesterday, and it was hot=hot=hot!!  They did three 30-minute sets, it was their first time to perform on stage and they did an amazing job!!  I posted a video in the right column >> see it there?

but if you cant' view the video, you can watch it online by clicking here:

You can visit their website at 
On the website you can see their upcoming gigs-- they have several coming up in the next few weeks!!  We are really excited about the "Opening Bell" coffee house which is in a swanky part of downtown Dallas.  They will actually get paid for doing this show!  I am making up flyers for them to pass out to their friends at school -- we want to have a big crowd of fans at this one!!!

Hayden is new to the band, so he is not in the main photos -- but they did add him to the "Band Members' Bio" section.  They are going to do another photo shoot soon to show all 4 of them. 

There is a place on the website where you can see "Concert Performances" -- ie, all the songs they did at Six Flags yesterday.  We will be adding more videos to that section, as they do more shows. 

On the website you can also see the T-shirts, we are hoping to sell a bunch of these shirts to raise money for band equipment and marketing stuff, etc..  Let me know if you want one!!