Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Basketball Season !

Hayden's team had a pretty good season!  We had a great new coach this year -- a friend of ours -- Matt Prestenberg. He is the brother of one of our neighbors, and was the coach of Matthew's baseball team last spring.  Matt is a nice guy and helped the boys to "gel" together as a team more than they did with our old coach.  His brother Troy also helped out with the boy's team since one of his boys plays on the team. 

Great team, great coaches, great season and great friends! 

From left, back row:  Assistant Coach Troy, Hayden, Charles, Trent and Coach Matt.  Front row:  Nick, Michael, Luke and Jacob. 

My only regret from this season was, my digital camera broke in the middle of the season, and I had most of my photos on there!!  aaaaaaack well at least I got these from one of the other moms.  So it's all good.