Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Had a great visit with Nana Jan.  She came to keep us company while Stephen was with his family in Philadelphia. We had lots of fun together going on walks at the Arboretum, cooking together, shopping together, doing girl stuff while the kids were in school.

One day after picking Matthew up from school, we went over to the "Goat Farm" and fed the little goats.  They are so cute.  We know the guy who owns them, and he said we can feed them anytime we want, and they will eat anything.  We usually give them carrots or parsley -- but this time we gave them pretzel sticks.  The goal when feeding goats, is to choose items which are long and skinny enough so that they don't accidentally bite you or get Goat Lips on you while you are doing the good deed.  

My mom and Hayden had a great time watching football together while she was here.  They get very vocal and animated during football games, WOW like they do high-fives and shout many loud words at the TV like YEAH!!!! and OHMYGOSH!!!!! --- they really get into it.  I am glad they have each other-- because watching football just isn't my thing.

I love my Mom so much.

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