Sunday, February 28, 2010



On Sunday, Hayden's basketball team went to the SVAA Tournament and took FIRST PLACE!!!  At the semi-final game they won 55 - 49.  And for the Championship Game -- a very exciting game! -- they won by 52 - 44!!   

Each player got a cool trophy for being the best team in the league!!!  This was Hayden's first time to play with this team.  They were called the Lions-- and they have had an amazing season -- I think they won 10 out of 12 games.  It was such a fun season!!  

Now we will start off-season Spring basketball -- the practices start next week and games will go through the end of May.  This spring team will be coached by Hayden's old coach from Lakewood Presbyterian, and 5 of the players are his friends from the JV team he used to play with at that school.  The other 3 players are NEW friends that he has met this year.  Coach Matt is a great coach and a great guy --Hayden is excited to play for him again and be with all his friends. 

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