Monday, June 1, 2009


This lovely lady is my Gramma Aggie. We went to see her in June, in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

She is 87 and so amazing. Although she is blind with macular degeneration, she still plays Bridge 3x/week and can beat anyone in ANY game of cards, any game, any time. However, she can only play if she is sitting with people who love her!   It goes something like this:  "Hey Vickie, what did he just throw down?"   Me: "Queen of hearts, Gramma"    Her: "Oh okay, hmmph." and then she throws her card down.

Gramma and Dave swim at their retirement community pool twice a day.  Actually she TAUGHT Dave (her 5th hubby) how to swim before they got married a few years ago. He is 7 years younger than her.  We really love Dave, he is such a sweetie pie. 

My Gramma has a heart of gold, a bright contagious smile, and an inexhaustible repertoire of witty jokes for anyone who will listen. I am so proud of her. Thank you Lord for my Gramma Aggie!!

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