Sunday, April 5, 2009


This was Matthew's talent act, at our school's Talent Show Fundraiser. We knew there would be several kids playing the piano in the talent show, so he wanted to do something special and out-of-the ordinary! He came up with the idea of playing cups (which we named the "cup piano" or cuppiano) after being inspired by a youtube video of someone playing a short song of jingle bells.

He auditioned by playing Jingle Bellswith 5 tall drinking-glasses, with 5 different levels of water, which he had tuned to the real piano until he got the "levels" right. He used two plastic cooking spoons to hit the notes. The talent show crew loved it, and put him in the show, but they asked him to play two songs instead of one. UH-OH!!! We needed a lot more cups!!! We dug out every wine glass we had, plus purchased a box of big water goblets from walmart, and ended up with a very nice lineup of 12 wine glasses with different levels of water.

Once we had more notes, Matthew decided to cut out the original jingle bells song ... and instead worked out the notes to play the very sweet tunes of Amazing Grace, and Carol of the Bells. It was a very cool Talent Show!!

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